What is Airsoft

Airsoft or Softair (Germany) or Strikeball (Russia) is a game and the basic princip is similar to paintball. Two or more teams are playing against each other until one team has won. Alternatively a special goals is set or thear is a fictitious scenario. In the game, an opposing player get “killed” by a direct TREFFER. Unlike paintball the player has to show that he get hit, it’s based on trust. There is no color marking.
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Airsoft guns
The sportunit are called Airsoft-Soft-Gun ASGt. This weapon shoot some small plasicballs with the help of air pressure / gas pressure.
There are airsoft guns with muzzle energy below 0.08J, below 0.5J and above 0.5J. In sports mostly airsoft guns are used with a muzzle energy over 0.5J. A good airsoft should have a three digit purchase price!
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The projectile energy is low and the projectile is small, but it can do a lot of damage!
Bullets can be dangerous to humans for eyes and other body openings. Wearing safety glasses is mandatory. It may only be shot on individuals who agree with it and who are prepared for it, typically teammates. On contact with the skin, the hits can easily hurt, but usually do not cause any injuries.
Since the airsoft gun looks real, this must be treated like a real weapon.
A mental maturity combined with a careful handling is a requirement for every airsoft player!